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DATE 2016/4/7

      At first glance, the biggest change in the 4G is 6-8 times to speed up the transmission speed, but a careful analysis of 4 g will bring electronic industry chain including magnetic material components unprecedented development opportunities and significant impact.

    4G as an emerging technology in 2014, has a pivotal position in network systems, the end of last year, mobile, unicom, telecom started getting 4 g licences, to some extent marks China's 4 g era has arrived. Domestic communications industry also update to alternately in the wind volume cloud chung. For the semiconductor industry, whether it has to do something, or funky manufacturer before many uncertain factors, at least for 4 g, magnetic components, and even the communication industry, semiconductor components are given a high degree of attention.

     4G in the development of the wind, with the mobile phone, tablet, the widespread popularity of portable products, drives the magnetic components industries are also speed up the steps forward. Involves the related technology of magnetic transformer, magnetic core, magnetic beads, inductors and other magnetic components are widely used in switches, fax machines, routers and other various types of communications equipment. A finished product machine, often need the support of dozens of magnetic components, which will involve in various sizes, all kinds of packaging.

     With the development of The Times, the world will be half of the population is covered by 4 g networks, such a wonderful opportunity, if any magnetic components manufacturers can seize the opportunity, with consummate technology as the guide, in view of the development of the market, occupy the commanding heights of the market competition is far behind!

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